lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Get the Look


Yes! Mint again! I've made a few looks so you can pick up the one you like most. They're all very fashionable and actual, cause they are mint! Mint, get the look!

Blusa verde mint Zara 29,95€
Pantalón Hoss Intropia 115€
Cartera verde mint Zara 39,95€
Cartera tricolor Blanco 9,99€
Bolso aplicaciones Blanco 12,99€
Pendientes hojas Accessorize 29,90€
Pendientes gota Accessorize 3,90€
Pendientes gotas turquesas Accessorize 8,90€
Sandálias en negro de Blanco 29,99€
Sandálias en blanco verniz de Zara Studio 59,95€
Sandálias bicolor de Blanco 35,99€

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