miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Must Haves 2012


Hi girls! I've prepared a must have list for spring 2012 with pieces that you may have in your closet. They match with everything and are easy to find cause that are totally actual. All these pieces are a reason of a post in many fashion blogs. I'll let let you know my list. Get them and be fashion, be pretty and be a modern woman.

MUST HAVE Nº1 - "green mint and metallic toe"

Here we have a jumpsuit, something very easy to combine, many designer's made at least one of it this spring-summer. This black one is from Michael Kors 203€. Another thing that you are going to see a lot is the fringe necklace, very indian and fashionist, mine is from Antik Batik 104€, but you can find a black one in Zara for such a nice price, 12,95€. The basic piece is a jeans shorts. These are from Victoria Beckham 114€, i like it cause they are laser cut. A very fashion thing now is the plexiglas material. I suggest that you complete your modern look with this envelop bag from Uterqüe 59,95€, love the mint green. Buy the mint flower brooch from Zara 5,95€, very cheap and nice. A total must have is the pump with metallic toe. This one is from Zara 65,95€, but Chanel made a hole collection with four pastel colors. Very preppy and very pretty. 

MUST HAVE Nº2 - "neon colors and mullet skirt"

Take note: neon arrived to be famous and stay. Buy some nail's polish and make a fun look. Dior 23€ x Kiko 3,50€. I also suggest that you have a colored scarf, to give to this scarf inspiration a reason to be. Mine is from Uterqüe. Here you can see more plastic, with these Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals 74€, find it in Yoxx.com. Valentino brought us the studs. I have a Zara stud belt, but can be a pair of shoes, a leather jacket or a bag. My favorite must have is the mullet skirt, they are precious and feminine. Find yours everywhere. Mine is from Zara 29,95€. Why not a neon t-shirt? This one from Zara 12,95€ is a total fashion summer piece. Combine everything with a pink clutch from accessorize 34,90€.

MUST HAVE Nº3 - "plexiglas and pajama party"

More plexiglas...Wow! What about these fabulous shoes from Bershka 39,99€ ? Highly fashionable. Try a summer but preppy look with the new basket bag. They are awesome! Go to Blanco and get yours for 22,99€. The oscar goes to the pajama trousers, from Clover Canyon 205€. Pedro del Hierro also have a beautiful one 105€. Cheaper? In Zara you are gonna find yours for 29,95€ in a blue tone. Acrilic glasses, a perfect transparent touch, meet my italian favorite web: http://store.retrosuperfuture.com/ These one cost 133€. Modernize yourself, but most of all be comfortable with an oversized t-shirt from DRKSHDW by Rick Owens 210€. 

Like it? This post is a total must have, isn't it?

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