viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

It Girls


I was thinking about this post since a long time and it was not easy to make my choices. I valued lots of things, such as constance, fashion, glamour and personality, and of course own style.
It's sad but i couldn't pick lots of girls that i like how they dress, but not always, like Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Paz Vega, Sienna Miller, Ariadne Artiles, Victoria Beckham, Poppy Delevingne, Taylor Swift, Bianca Brandolini... However i've made my list and it's very nice. If you don't know them, don't worry, you will, soon or later. Muak!


She is naturally chic. Sociality since ever, this girl was first known because of a US reality, but she run fast into the fashion business and have made her own blog. She is aways changing, mixing colors is her gift, very special shoes and perfect combinations. Knows how to dress for shopping, party, dinner, photo call, fashion week, everywhere she goes. Get the look if you can. 


Oh, she is awesome! Has her personal style and it's new, fresh and the best one: different. Alexa Chung is different. She has her own TV program and she is always with a new outfit, wherever she is. Try to get the look!


Yes, i can she be the number 3???? She invents fashion, has a personal style and is always with a nice outfit and nice dresses, shoes, hats, everything!!! Am i crazy? No...relax...It's just a matter of timing, like life. Unfortunately these two girls appeared and took the place. Just like this. Kate is faithful to her very bohemian rock style and keeps giving us a class of fashion. Well, she is always in my list, no matter where. Please, get the look!


Well, she is back! Finally after two babies... She has a hippie chic style which i love it, that's the reason she is here in my top 5 list. She is also the owner of House of Harlow and most of times she is ready to go. Try the look sometimes and feel free!


She is an actress, feminine, has this love inspiration and cute outfits that i would copy all of them. She is very close to us because of her simplicity and of course to be in my "it girls" list is because she is always one step forward with design, colors, shoes, perfect hair and makeup. I like most the dresses she pick. Get the dress look and be a celeb for a day!

Very chic my "it girls", don't you think? Wait for my personal looks...easy...

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